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Technical Issue

Hi guys and girls,

Having a very strange issue with Bricscad V17, it was on an old computer and we had quite a few files that we had saved with various plans on them. We then moved the install and all the files to a new computer (something we do every 2 years or so) since its been moved over when we open one of the files to carry on working on them and press save it works fine, however if we try and save as, the entire program just disappears , it doesn't crash, there's no error message, its just suddenly gone. Iv tried a re-install and its still the same. Strangely enough if i open a document straight from the briscad program shortcut (ie open a brand new drawing) it will save as no problem, but if i try and open an existing plan and save as, thats when the program just closes down,

Help please!

Thanks in advance.



  • Could the Save As action be trying to access a "recently used" directory or path which is not accessible on the new installation, either because the expected location doesn't exist on the new computer or because there's an access permission problem? Network path? Perhaps the access attempt is interpreted by Windows as a suspicious behavior and Windows is forcing a program shutdown.

    There are a couple of settings that you might look at under Program Options | Files | File Dialogs. Take a look at Remember Folders and at Use Standard File Open Dialog. Changing one or both might give you access to usable Save As behavior.

  • That does highlight an issue, the paths in that section of settings are still showing the old paths of the old computer, I have tried to update them manually but it forgets the setting everytime it shuts down the program. So I change it to be the correct path manually, close settings, hit save as and its still shutting the program straight down. when it opens up again the old path is back!

    Also, if I press the little ... button to browse to a path on that part it does the same as pressing save as and shuts the program straight down.

    Thanks for the help so far by the way!

  • Problem Solved - I reverted back to V16 and it works fine.

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