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Built-in Menu Icons


Does anyone know what file BricsCAD stores the Builtin Menu Icons in?

I would like to extract them with my icon editor and then modify a few of them for the software I am porting over from AutoCAD. This would save me alot of time by modifiing existing rather than creating new icons from scratch!

Thanks for any replies!

Mike Dennis


  • Hi

    I guess you better make an issue for this in the helpdesk:



  • Thanks Mathieu!

  • Mathieu,

    Got a reply from the helpdesk... proprietary property.

    Sorry about that,

  • @Mike Buzzetti

    Professionally created icons are costly to create and nobody wants to invest a great deal of time and money in icons only to give them away for free. However, I'll bet you could negotiate a license agreement with Bricsys to use them for a specific BricsCAD related purpose or product for a very reasonable fee.

  • I know another CAD application where you can more readily find the icons, however I don't know whether these are considered propriety or not.

    There are applications available for creating icons. Icofx is one I'm aware of. It can bring import svg files, which BricsCAD can generate.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • Thanks for all the replies!

    As far as the icons go... I'm a pretty good engineer, a decent coder, but a absolutely horrid icon designer, oh and I stink at marketing too.

    For now I will use the built-in where I can, my ugly customs in toolbars and for my pull-downs I just have descriptive text with a tab space and my 2/3 letter commands. My pull-downs are actually pretty clean looking and once you get the 2/3 letter commands in your brain (there are quite a few) the command line has always been fastest for me so I'd like to assume the same for new users.


    Mike Dennis
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