The dialogue from SECTIONPLANESETTINGS offers me tons of settings, for example the output-layer for the different types of "background" and "tangents" and "fillings" and .....

I see that the default for all layers is "0", but it is terrible to change the layers every time I open a new BIM-modell to create 2D-sections. So ..

a) How to set default for these layers (and maybe for all other stuff...)
b) If its not possible via standard-functions, is there a way to do it with Lisp? If yes - what are the keywords where I have to start to research?



  • I do not know about default settings, but you should be able to apply settings via Lisp code. Just look at the gc 360 entity referenced by the "SECTIONOBJECT" entity.

  • Louis Verdonck
    edited May 2018

    When creating a new BIM section the settings of the newly created section are copied from the sections in _SectionSettings.dwg. You can find this drawing in the C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V18x64\en_US\Support\Bim\Sections folder. Type SupportFolder at the command prompt to open the Support folder. In _SectionSettings.dwg exists a series of sections, one for each section type (plan, section, elevation ...). Edit the 2D section properties (the other settings are not used in the BIM workflow).
    See the BricsCAD Help under User Guide / BIM / BIM Sections / Defining BIM Sections for more info.

  • Fine, thanks to both

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