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Diameter Dimension - Arrow To The Opposite Side


Please see the attached.

When I dimension a circle or arc with the diameter dimension it starts fine, but when I hit enter to accept the dimension location the arrow start point jumps to the opposite side of the circle or creates an extension for the arc.

These were dimension settings from template files created in AutoCAD and work just fine in ACAD. Am I missing a BricsCAD dimension variable? Note: the radius dimension is fine, just the diameter dimension.

Thanks for any help,

Mike Dennis

Diameter Dimension.png
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  • Workaround - Looks like a bug, when I turn OFF annotative it dimensions properly.

    Mike Dennis

  • It sure would help if a sample drawing was provided. How to know that the dimension style is set to be annotative? Or perhaps one of the many dimension style variables.

    Indeed looks to be a bug with this type of annotative dimension. I would raise an SR to get it resolved. Another workaround I found was to move text portion of the DIMDIAMETER using it's grips. After movement the arrows updated correctly.

    DIMTOFL governs how the DIMDIAMETER will display. This is an example of where a DIMSTYLE family can be useful to allow more granular control of a particular sub family of dimensions. Perhaps this is also the cause of the bug?

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • Yes, I have submitted a Bug Report.

    It also gets weirder when you use the move command. The dim text wants to stay where it is be everything else moves. See the attached.

    For now the workaround seems to be just turn Annotative off

    Annotative Bug.mp4
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