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AcGiTransientManager, AcGiTransientDrawingMode

Mathod: AcGiTransientManager::addTransient (AcGiDrawable *, AcGiTransientDrawingMode, int, const AcArray< int > &)
seems to draw transient the same way, regardles of second parameter- AcGiTransientDrawingMode. I tried to use "AcGiTransientDrawingMode::kAcGiHighlight" but transient graphic is not highlighted as it is in Autocad. (tested in Bricscad 2017 and 2018).
BTW, I noticed that drawing of transient graphics is not supported in Bricscad 2016 at all.


  • BTW, I noticed that drawing of transient graphics in .Net API does not work in Bricscad 17 and 18. Calls to the TransientManager are just ignored :(

  • Can you send us a support request, ideally with a code snippet ?
    So we can investigate, fix and improve ...
    many greetings & thanks in advance !

  • I am now preparing publication describing many dozen flaws in the BricsCAD .Net API and how to correct them. When the article is ready I think I will send all this information to those support immediately.

  • @Torsten Moses

    Suport request sent.

  • I encounter the same problem with transient graphics not highlighted in BricsCAD V21. Is there a solution?

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