Measure distance between 2 Faces without enabling <Annotate> <Dimension>

This is my first post - I'm new to BricsCAD (V15) I have used Solidworks extensively
My Q is I'd like to quickly determine the distance between 2 faces of a component (i..e. in the Z Plane), I can select the 2 faces is there any way of quickly checking the distance between them?


  • Hello AB2018

    Sadly I havn't found it yet, but I would like to have it.

    What you can use is a tool under tools called Distance.

    This allows you to measure between two points, not good as just clicking to faces but it gets the job done in most cases.

    But if anyone knows of a better way I would love to hear it :smile:

    With kind regards,

    Robert van der Veen

  • I have the "Distance" Tools in my custom Palettes since my beginning.

    Together with a lot of other

  • AB2018
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    Thank You both

  • Louis Verdonck
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    You can use the DmDistance3D command to measure the distance between parallel faces. Select the the first face, then hover over the second face and choose the command in the Constraints command group in the Quad. If Dynamic Dimensions = ON (DYN field in the Status bar) the current distance displays. Instead of applying the constraint, press the Escape key.

  • Depending on Software, where those measuring tools may not offer much
    advantages, standard geometry tools like Line or Cube may be the faster choice
    and maybe work better with dynamic UCS too.

  • The way I do it (I'm a happy refugee from AutoCAD land) I type in "di" (enter) for distance command, then i shift-right click for snap overrides and choose "n" for nearest (in that other software if was "r" for nearest) and snap to a point on the first surface then shift-right click again and choose 3d Entity Snap --> Snap to perpendicular on a face. If all goes well it should give you the exact distance from face to face (as long as they are parallel to each other.

    Of course if your surfaces are square to the coordinate system you can "di" any two points between them and look for the x, y, or z distance depending on how they are oriented to each other.

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