3D HVAC Layouts

I am relatively new to the world of 3D and need some advice or pointers for when I have to draw up a HVAC layout for a building with Ground, Level 1 and Roof. How do I set the drawing up so that I can draft everything as one model, but show a Ground floor layout, Level 1 layout and a Roof layout?
Can anyone advise me on this process or send me a link to some video tutorial?


  • Hey Stephen,

    This sounds like a BIM specific question, you could try asking it in the BIM section.
    As for tutorials, bricsys has a section on the website with how to videos maybe that have what you are looking for.


    With kind regards,

    Robert van der Veen

  • Hi Stephen

    Drawing HVAC with BricsCAD is often done with 3rd party applications.
    They offer the libraries en specific tools to help you with the design while taking into account the dynamics.
    You can find some good applications in the store: https://www.bricsys.com/applications/



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