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How to insert field values into attributes

edited June 2018 in Linux

BricsCAD V18 shows a strange behaviour when I try to insert a field value into an attribute. A second dialog appears to select and format the field value but when this dialog is being closed the attribute dialog does not reappear (in Windows, it does). Can anyone reproduce this phenomenon?


  • Yes we can reproduce on Linux. It was already reported in a support request and meanwhile it is fixed internally.
    The fix is included in the upcoming BricsCAD(Linux) V18.2.16 BETA.

  • Thank you, that sounds great.

  • For what it's worth, even without the fix it is possible to insert a field in the value of an inserted attribute. After having inserted a block containing an attribute definition, double click on the attribute, then right click on the value to insert a field.

    But I did not find a practical workaround to add a field in the default value of the attribute (the default value is the value of the corresponding attribute definition).

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