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I'm looking for 'vla-setblocktablerecordid' lisp function.
I'd like to insert a block into table with lisp program but I can't find the appropriate list function.
Is there any other way to get this result?


  • Dear Giuseppe,

    (vla-setblocktablerecordid) is present ... also all the others, with the "2" and "32" and "232" postfix;
    did you encounter any error message ? Which BricsCAD version do you use ?

    many greetings !

  • Hi I'm using Bricscad v18.1.17 and I get this error messge:

    ; ----- Error around expression -----
    ; error : no function definition <VLA-SETBLOCKTABLERECORDID> ; expected FUNCTION at [eval]
  • Dear Giuseppe,

    that is strange - vla-setblocktablerecordid is present since a long time ...
    can you try
    (print vla-setblocktablerecordid)
    after BricsCAD startup ? It should be non-NIL ...

    You might also update to latest V18.2. version (its free).

    If the error still appears, you can try to re-register the BricsCAD COM interface :
    a) run BricsCAD once with "run as admin"
    b) and/or
    - open a DOSbox (cmd.exe) with admin rights, in BricsCAD's install folder
    - run "regsvr32 axbricscadapp1.dll" and "regsvr32 axbricscaddb1.dll"

    many greetings !

  • @Torsten Moses:
    This is the Linux forum. So the question is: Has this function already been added to the 'Fast-Com' set?

  • edited June 2018

    Dear Roy, Dear Giuseppe,

    arrrgs - my fault :-(
    Our Tijs also notified me about ...
    indeed, vla-setblocktablerecordid is not yet available for Linux/Mac ... so I have to promise to make it available for V19.

    If you need more VLA stuff available, please send us a support request with the missing function,.

    Another hint : the "Lisp Developer Support Package" (free download from our AppCatalog) also documents all COM properties + methods, which are already availabel for Linux/Mac.

    many greetings !

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