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Display Issue - Closed PolyLine With .050" Width


I am having an issue with the display of a closed polyline when I zoom in and out.

See the attached video. (probably a good idea to max screen it)
Polyline = magenta rectangle (issue)
Lines = blue rectange (no issue)

The polyline is my drawing border based on the current drawing limits.
Sides of the polyline disappear/reappear when zooming in or out and it's quite frustrating as the polyline border is a visual frame of reference when I place the details of a design into the border.
Not sure if it's a bug, a setting or what, but this was never an issue with ACAD

BricsCAD for Windows 10 x64
Video Card - Dual GeForce GTX 980 running SLI with the latest drivers (1920 x 1200)

Thanks for any comments,
Mike Dennis

PolyLine Disply.mp4


  • Can you post the .dwg file?

  • Sure, here you go!

  • Yes, that flickers in Shape on Mac here too,
    if you zoom very slowly.
    But I wouldn't have noticed or cared normally.

  • Also note, the magenta borders are polylines with a .050" width, a regular polyline with a zero width displays correctly.

  • This is from Vlad at tech support:

    I can reproduce the issue with GsDeviceType2D="[3]GDI" and I cannot with "[0]GDI+". Please go to the Settings dialog and set the setting Program options->Display->2D graphic system device (GsDeviceType2D) to "[0]GDI+" .

    Mike Dennis

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