Polar array of swept objects

Hi all!
I'm facing some positioning problem when I try to make a polar array.
First I have a spline drawn in XY plane and a circle in XZ plane (first pic)
Then I sweep that circle along spline (second pic)
Then I try to create a polar array of the resulting shapes (third pic) specifying (with mous e) two point on Y axis the an array axis:
: _arraypolar Entities in set: 1 Type = Polar, Associative = Yes Enter center point of array or [Base point/Axis of rotation]:a Select first point on axis of rotation: Specify second point on axis of rotation: [ASsociative/Base point/Items/Angle between/Fill angle/ROWs/Levels/ROTate/eXit] <eXit>:
But the result is an array of shapes turned by 180 degrees around some point, e.g. original shape orientation is lost (you can see the original spline in the third pic which is oriented differently and the base point also looks rotated).
What am I doing wrong? How to achieve an array of properly oriented shapes?


  • I would say this is a bug.


    1. Use the _3dArray command.
    2. Change the UCS so that the +Z directions matches the +Y direction of your current UCS and then use _ArrayPolar.
    3. Change the UCS as in solution #2 and then use _ArrayClassic.

    Of the mentioned commands only the _ArrayPolar command will result in an associative array.

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