Jammin on second screen

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I think I'll have to put in a support request for this one, but thought it would be worth putting this on the forum in case anyone else has this problem.

Basically BricsCAD jams up and has to be terminated when I try to do file related stuff like open a drawing when BricsCAD is on my second screen.
It happens on bricscad 17 and 18 and also on Corel CAD, but does not happen on Blender of Sketchup.

My pc is an Asus ROG G752VM with Core i7, 16GB ram, and GTX 1060 graphics card. My second screen is a SANYO HD TV and I connect to it via HDMI.

The problem only occurs when both screens are running. And only when BricsCAD is on the second screen.

Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this.


  • Turns out it was a hardware / driver problem. Will get a new monitor.

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