BIM Units

I have a simple question:

In Settings>Drawingunits, I set up the displayed units, I can read this Info in the properties Panel. (Lenghts cm, Area m², Volume m³)
In the csv-Dataextraction the units for area and volume are reset to the drawing units (Length cm, Area cm², Volume cm³).

where can I set up the Units for DATA-extraction? how can I set up to use the same settings displayed in the properties panel?


  • I have found this settings, when extracting the data, in the last window you can add an additional format.

  • Dirk Van Thienen
    edited December 2018

    Old topic, but i have a related question. I think i came across a setting somewhere in v19 so you could set the BIM units. Unfortunally i cannot find it anymore. Or is this additional formatting like TS is suggesting still the only way to convert f.e. mm3 into m3?

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