architectural detailling

I can remember a video on adding detail to a 'local' section from a BIM model. This 'local' section is linked to the 3D model so when the structure is altered in some way the section will update.
But I can't find the video and I actually don't know the terminology Bricscad uses for architectural detailling, or adding extra detail to a part of the BIM model.

At the moment we work exclusively in ACAD LT. As we mostly have restoration projects, we don't typically use standard building materials and I would like know if Bricscad BIM would enhance the workflow on linking an architectural detail to a 3D model.

Does anybody have some info on this?


  • You could do it just like with a 2D model;

    • create a 2D view of the 3D model in a paperspace viewport
    • lock the viewport to keep the view unchanged
    • changes to the model will automatically show in the viewport.

    If you want to add detail to that view only, one way to do it would be to draw the additional geometry in 2D in paperspace. Another way would be to model it in 3D in modelspace but on a layer that's visible in that viewport and not in other viewports.

  • Maybe the OP is thinking of the BimPatch command?

  • @Roy Klein Gebbinck said:
    Maybe the OP is thinking of the BimPatch command?

    That's it, thank you!

    Does anybody use it?

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