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Bricscad v14 license

The company I work for, purchased several Bricscad V14 licenses. We are currently migrating from AutoCAD to Bricscad V14 license. To get a taste of Bricscad we downloaded a free trial of Bricscad V18 and have been using it for several weeks.
Since we have the V14 licenses available we attempted to validate the license but the system returns an "Activation error" and won't let us go anyfurther.
I have already created an account at Bricsys page and tried to validate the license from there but, apparently the system is expecting a V18 license instead.
Any ideas? Thanks


  • v14 licenses will not work with v18, so If I understand your message correctly you need to download BricsCAD v14.
    Go to the Bricsys website, click the green download button and select "show old releases" on the download page, select v14 from the drop down.
    Hope this helps, if not please create a support ticket with your specific activation error.

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    The V18 license you have downloaded is a trial that works for 30 days and will work idenpendently of V18 .

    If you want to use your v14 licenses on computers not having this version installed, you need to download this version from the Bricsys website. Use the Show Old Releases link.

    To install V14, you need the license keys. They should be on the Bricsys account you used while purchasing the licenses. From what you write, it seems like you created a new Bricsys account when downloading the V18 trial, and your V14 licenses will not be linked to that account. If you have problems identifying the account with your V14 licenses, launch a Support Request with Bricsys.

    I also suggest you upgrade your V14 licenses to get the latest functionality and file support.

  • Thank you, Per. Your advice came Handy. I fortunately, found the download link at Bricsys home page downloaded V14 and I am up and running. I have been an AutoDesk draftsman for last 30 years or so and I am having troubles adjusting to Bricscad.
    On of the major problems is my initial settings, especially my mouse pointer continues disappearing on me. I came to the point where I had to open a new file and copy whatever I had done the get my pointer back on screen. I have tried all sort of approaches and no one seems to do the trick. I read all sort of things and viewed many videos but I can’t find the right answer. Any idea for this frustrated draftsman?
    By the way, how do I go about upgrading my V14 into V18, including Mechanical and Sheet Metal apps?
    Thanks again and best regards fm Costa Rica,

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