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Communicator installation check failed: MSVC runtime check: FAILED

Caught the following error whenever importing files (tested on STP and IGES format)

: _import
Cannot import file: [...].stp (Communicator installation check failed: MSVC runtime check: FAILED.)

So the import process does even not start.

* BricsCAD-Communicator-V18.2.01-1(x64)

has been (successfully) installed on bricscad
* BricsCAD-V18.2.14-1-en_US(x64)

MSVC runtime are installed, as shown herebelow

Which is the exact MSVC runtime dependency?
Thank you

823 x 229 - 32K


  • If anyone else runs across this issue, the fix is to install the "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4" package which contains the necessary msvcr110.dll file.

    This hit me this afternoon, running BC 18 + Communicator on a fresh re-installation of Win7 (the original Win7 had developed a bad case of BSOD). All good now.

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