How do I turn a twisted 3D face into triangles ?

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I've got a model of bent sheet metal at an angle and I have to clean up one corner at where the metal twists. I don't have sheet metal licence so I'm trying to make a twist using Coons Surface command and then use the twist as a Boolean cut template. But I have noticed that I can't turn the coons surface into solid because each face is a twisted quad and does not show as triangles. Is there a command or a system variable that will allow me to make my meshes triangles and not quads?

For now I'm going to export my mesh to blender and reimport it.

But I thought it was worth asking.

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  • Egor Ermolin
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    Hello DFLY,

    Not clearly understood your workflow, but try STLOUT and then IMPORT result .stl file. Though you will not be able to convert the triangle mesh back to smooth solid.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks Egor,

    Not quite the solution I was hoping for, but definitely a solution.

    I don't blame BricsCAD for not having a suite of mesh tools. Meshes are pain. I only was using a mesh try to make an unusual shaped solid.

    By the way I ended up lofting polygons following the mesh. That way I got a true smooth solid hat was shaped like the mesh.

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