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Moving User Profile from Windows to Linux version (Bricscad V17)

Is it possible to export a user profile in Bricscad v17 for Windows and import into v17 for Linux. I'm trying to get my laptop (Linux) that I use occasionally on the road to feel and look like my desktop (Windows) which I use every day.


  • It is not possible out of the box.
    The user profile manager can be used on all platforms to export/import user profiles to/from arg files.
    However, in general the settings variables are not interchangeable. Most notably, all paths will be platform specific.

    I think you will be better off with a diff tool to compare your established user profile with a new profile.
    On your Windows system, create a new profile (eg using profile presets in the getstarted dialog).
    Using the profile manager, export both your established and your new user profile to an arg file.
    Compare the two arg files with a textual diff tool to inspect what you customized.
    Redo the customization manually on linux, using the diff as a guideline.

    Cross-platform profile exchange is something we would like to improve, but it is not low hanging fruit...
    A new handy settings feature is already in development: add possibility to display only modified settings.

  • The BKG_SettingsCompare command may be helpful.

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