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Inserting Image with correct coordinates

Hi All

I would like to insert an image in Bricscad in the correct coordinates. But it seems everytime I insert it is way off from the correct coordinates. And also can we just insert a normal jpeg file?



  • If you mean inserting georeferenced images using a world file, I do not think this capability exists in any of the base versions of BricsCAD. But there is this add-on for BricsCAD pro recently discussed by RK McSwain in his Cad Panacea blog

    To insert a non- georeferenced image, the command you want is imageattach (or from the pull down menus: Insert, Insert Raster Image)

  • If you're just doing this once or occasionally, if you knew for example the scale and rotation of the image, and at least one coordinate, you could manually get it pretty close to where is should be in a planar coordinate system such as US state plane. But for accurate production work or non-planar coordinate systems you'll need some sort of add on or access to other DWG program such as AutoCAD Map3D to set up the drawing with georeferenced images.

  • If the image file contains embedded georeference information or if a 'world' file with the same name as the image file is found in the same folder, the checkbox 'Use geocoding information' on the Image Attach dialog will be activated and the geo reference information will be used. This is supported by all BricsCAD versions.

    For more advanced use, BricsCAD also supports the GEOGRAPHICLOCATION command, to set the desired Coordinate Reference System, and the MapConnect command to download imagery from WebMapServices. A Pro or Platinum license is required for the MapConnect functionality.

  • Thanks for the info.

  • use copy (cntr C) and TYPE pasteorig in the new drawing. It will automatically paste in at the original co ordinates.

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