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How to correct (find) errors in a drawing

I have this error popping inside this one drawing and would love to find what is it about and how to fix it.
This is the error: An error occurred while rendering entity 876D3: invalid clipboard format (0x8004006A)
I am running BricsCAD 17 Pro on Windows 7

BC Error.PNG
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  • Try the _Audit command.

  • edited September 2018

    Beside the AUDIT that never found any errors for me so far.
    When a drawings has strange behaviour or after a few crashes,
    I use RECOVER to open the File.
    And most times Bricscad feels better after.

  • No, both of those didn't do anything. Still the same error. Thanks anyhow.
    Anyone else?

  • I would be trying to find the object causing the "problem"
    Try typing this at the command line and see if anything is highlighted, that might give you a clue as to where the error is

    select (handent "876D3")

  • What is handent - what procedure is this?

  • Every object in a drawing has a unique ID it's entity handle, and the OP's error shows that ID as being "876D3",
    when you start the select command it waits for you to select items on the screen or use some selection method, one method is to use Lisp and give it an ID, (handent "876D3") is a very short Lisp code to let the select command know it should look for an entity(object) with a handle(ID) of "876D3" which will then be highlighted in the drawing.

  • You can also find an enity by its handle using QuickSelect: Handle is one of the available properties.

  • FYI, when selecting input entities for any command, there is the option "Select by Properties" which allows to select by Handle...

  • Wow! good to know!

  • WOW on both points 'quickselect' and as an option in the 'select command', not only that, I just spotted it's also included in the 'properties palette' how long has that been there.

  • Yeah. Thanks everyone! However I didn't get anywhere. It is not that important - I just wanted to find out but it's all fine.

  • Do you actually get to see a problem or is the drawing ok otherwise. If you could post the drawing someone might be able to figure it out. And if you can't post the drawing to an open forum and it does give you any problems then you could try sending in a support request.
    Did you manage to find the object that was listed as giving an error?

  • No. I don't see any problems. It just list several time in a roll the same error:
    An error occurred while rendering entity 876D3: invalid clipboard format (0x8004006A)
    Here is the screenshot at "save":

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