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Keystroke sequence works from command prompt but not recorded script

I'm having the oddest problem creating a script. I recorded and edited one last week, which worked. I did some more editing this morning on a copy of it and it fails. I tried running the earlier versions that ran last week and they won't work either, in the same way. I tried re-recording from scratch and the virgin script also fails, again at the same point, even though it was recorded from the command prompt and the same sequence works fine from the command prompt.

I'm executing a command that requires a selection set, followed by a string input. In the script, I'm using Crossing to create the selection set, so I need one enter/space to accept the window, and a second one to finalize the selection set and move to the next step in the command.


My text

With two CRLFs, I get 'Unable to recognize command "My". This error can occur when the command is not supported for the active license.' so BC has aborted the selection and the command that invoked it. If I remove one of them, BC is still in selection mode when each word in my string is entered (followed by a space), so the script does end up completing but everything is out of synch and doesn't do what it's supposed do. Again, a predecessor of this script worked numerous times last week and the same sequence works from the command prompt. I'm just baffled.


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    Interesting....poor man's script execution! Just paste the text from the script file to the command line, hit enter and it works fine. Only problem is that prevents another layer of automation using this one, plus I still can't figure out what broke from the last time I used this and it was fine.

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