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Need help with not opening the file

Need help with not opening the file

New version of my bricscad V12 Linux suffered minor trouble while I tried to open some DWG files, the program is taking auto-close of the session and I do not understand why so?

Does anyone have any way to help


  • Possible that the DWG Version is newer than V12 is able to open ?

  • The most recent version of the dwg file format is dwg 2018 and it is only supported in BricsCAD v18. Before dwg 2018 was dwg 2013 and that version is also not supported by BricsCAD v12.

    I have been using BricsCAD for Linux since v10 and would not recommend to us v12 today. It is an early version and I would consider it a beta version compared to v18. Sooo many bugs have been resolved between these versions.

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