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Shift Right Click Custom Menu

Currently, on Shift Right Click, we get the snap menu in Bricscad. How do we point this to a custom menu?


  • edited September 2018

    customize, mouse? right click new button, but this seems to allow just one command.... not a menu

  • Correct. But by default, it brings up the snap menu. It seems there has to be a way to set it to another custom menu.
    I could always replace the items in the snap menu, but that seems sloppy.

  • You can display any menu using this command format for the CUI tool:
    $p0=<name_of_menu_group>.<alias_of_menu> $p0=*
    $p0=bricscad.pop3 $p0=*

    The aliases can be found in the _Customize dialog.

  • Thanks Roy.
    The one issue I am not grasping is where are the aliases located for the name of the menu group?
    So, If I create a menugroup named "robs-shorts" where do I find / create an alias?

  • Every main or partial CUI constitutes a menu group. And a menu group does not have an alias.
    If you create a new partial CUI file in the _Customize dialog you will see that it has a 'Main Menus' node in the left panel on the Menus tab. Right-click that node and choose 'Append main menu'. This will create a new menu. An alias is assigned automatically.

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