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Tiny little line on other side of diameter dimension

They appear in the drawing below, a little extender on the other side of the diameter.

Does anyone know how to get rid of them? I tried searching for this but could not find it.

homework 1.pdf


  • Please help. I checked with my AutoCAD buddy and it's pretty easy to do in AutoCAD. How do you do it with BricsCAD?

  • Property Palette > Lines & Arrows > Arrow : NONE ?

  • In the dimstyle change the 'Arrow and text fit' setting to 'Text only' and re-apply the style to the dimension.

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    You need to adjust your diameters such that it shouldn't overlap with each other. you can ask for other professional services related to cad here cad drafting services

  • In AutoCAD, it's Ext Line Offset that does the trick. It seems to do nothing for circle diameters.

    Thanks for the help, Roy! I tried "Text only". Although that removes the lines, it also moves the arrows to the outside of the circle.

    To get the two arrows, I have to use: "Dim Line Forced", which according to the manual, "Forces the dimension line to be always drawn; forces leaders to be drawn with the DimDiameter and DimRadius commands."

    So maybe BricsCAD doesn't support this? Should I look into another CAD package? Or maybe get the drawing tuned in AutoCAD by my buddy at work and then submit it as my assignment....

  • Michael, I couldn't find "Property Palette > Lines & Arrows > Arrow : NONE ?"

    The stuff I see is on the DIMSTYLE page (here: )

    Thanks for the help, though!

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    Yes, you can define all in a Style.
    I just did a quick test with one radial dimension and looked
    what I could change in Object Property Panel when selected.
    You can set the same settings for the Style and all Elements
    using it.

    Also I thought your problem were these very little hard to notice
    arrow heads. Seems that was wrong and you meant the little
    extension at the other end near the numbers.

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    You should be aware that the username of the person who last saved a dwg is stored in the file. Apart from that, having someone else work on, and finish, your homework assignment is probably never a good idea.

    Regarding the possible incompatibility with AutoCAD: Please send in a Support Request (attaching your friend's file).

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