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No file name entered

How to fix problem with opening .dwg file from another local disc, it send message in Bricscad: "no file name entered."? I have to copy .dwg file on desktop to open it in Bricscad...


  • Hmmh,
    all my Files are on an external SSD and I have no problems.
    I'm on Mac.

    If you would have your file on a Server, I would assume that
    the error message is not showing exactly what the problem
    is and that it has something to do with access or write rights.

    Maybe it is worth to check file rights although it is a local disk.

    Another idea is that the File Name uses special characters
    which Bricscad does not like in that case ?

  • edited October 2018

    Facing the same, everytime am trying it is crashing.


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