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bimsectionupdate: Multiple selection stopps Bricscad

I have a simple 3D-BIM-Modell and 4 "section objects". When I call "bimsectionupdate" and ..

  • select only one section-object, Bricscad works fine and creates a new drawing in 10 seconds
  • select more then one, it brings the first few lines (DST and so on) - and then it stopps totaly: does nothing, no inputs possible, no crash, .. nothing.

Any ideas?


  • Dear Peter
    Can you file a support request and add the model you are having this issue with? Our support analyst will be glad to check what goes wrong and help you out.

  • Sorry, Louis

    I'm too late for this issue. Suddenly it worked fine again and I didn't save the critical DWG. If it happens again I will make a SR.

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