bimsectionupdate: Multiple selection stopps Bricscad

I have a simple 3D-BIM-Modell and 4 "section objects". When I call "bimsectionupdate" and ..

  • select only one section-object, Bricscad works fine and creates a new drawing in 10 seconds
  • select more then one, it brings the first few lines (DST and so on) - and then it stopps totaly: does nothing, no inputs possible, no crash, .. nothing.

Any ideas?


  • Dear Peter
    Can you file a support request and add the model you are having this issue with? Our support analyst will be glad to check what goes wrong and help you out.

  • Sorry, Louis

    I'm too late for this issue. Suddenly it worked fine again and I didn't save the critical DWG. If it happens again I will make a SR.

  • Yass
    edited December 2018

    Does anyone have else have similar issues? currently creating multiple or single BIM sections does not close the application but it crashes and has to be relaunched. I have a SR ticketed and will post if we discover the fix is something as simple as changing a setting. I am running the last version of BC18 on a Linux platform. The thing that seems strange, although might be unrelated, is that I was able to create BIM Sections in the previous version of BC18.

  • As we are using our studio template file for BIM section drawings, Louis schooled to also point to this in sheet sets to create BIM sections and now we are cooking with gas! So if you are using your own template file when creating BIM sections point the sheet template layout in sheet sets there in addition to settings/bim/section sheet template...

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