Section Entity: "Live Section: Yes" nearly kills the PC

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(You can see from all my other postings - I'm fighting hard with BIM and sections ..)

It's clear - when I have a "Section Entity" and set the "Live Section" to "yes", then it needs some seconds to calculate the sectionand the display (also for a text building with 10 x 10 metres and 3 stories).

But ...
when "Live Section" stays active, then nearly every moving of the mouse invokes a fresh calculation of the section.

Example 1: Start "move" (or "delete" or something else) and move the mouse - every time it approaches the (axe of the) section obejct the mouse stops for some seconds, Bricscad is nearly dead - then the section is highlighted - click on the section: PC stops for 10 seconds - press "Esc" to cancel the command - PC stops for 10 seconds to unselect the elements.

Example 2: Just move you mouse around - just the "pre - highlighting" of the section object stops the PC. And the "un-highlighting" causes the same ..


  • Other section entities without "Live section" are selected and displayed without problem.
  • The 3d-elements of my building are not changed.

So it seems that it re-calculates the section all the time - again and again.

Bug or feature?


  • I'm not sure.
    I'm on Mac and for me OpenGL and Display Navigation feels noticeably
    weaker than my other high demanding Apps in general.

    Yes Live Sections also freeze my Machine quickly. I just tried that one time.
    But also standard Sections on moderate complex Files lag noticeably.
    I am not sure if this is any issue in Windows at all.
    I saw the presentations in Paris with very large scenes and it feels like even
    Bricscad on a Parallels Windows Machine would work a bit snappier.

    So my 6 GB D700s in my Mac Pro may got aged already too but this is in
    comparison to other Apps with same projects.
    But on your side, do you use a decent GPU ?
    Intel OnBoard Graphics may often be too weak or it may be necessary to manually
    apply the better GPU for certain Apps.

  • Yes, I use a Nvidia Geforce GT 650M. Not a real wonder-machine, but should be enough for my little building.

    But monitoring the GPU for Bricscad with "Process Explorer" from Sysinternals shows the heavy load.

  • Maybe such a GPU is already too weak or the data too complex
    but maybe there is just an issue with Bricscad graphics that
    could be improved, if you fill a support request and help of
    your File example ?

  • Hans De Backer
    edited September 2018

    The 'Live Section' setting exists in AutoCAD so it also exists in BricsCAD, for compatibility reasons (e.g. so you can switch it off to regain reasonable performance)
    When using BricsCAD, please use the 'Clip display' status instead, performance is... quite different. It allows dragging the section plane through dense models, updating the sectioned view in real time as you drag, and, as opposed to the 'Live' status, it is possible to switch on the Clip display status of multiple sections simultaneously.
    status On

  • @Hans De Backer said:
    .... When using BricsCAD, please use the 'Clip display' status instead, performance is... quite different.

    Hans, now I see why you write "quite different". 10 sec versus 10 ms or so ...

    For heavens sake, why is this "quite difference" not documented? I just read this chapter in Online-help:

    Nice explanation of all features and fine images, but no hint about performance. Just "Activate Live Section" here, "press Live Section" there - but there should be a blinking and rotating and whistling alert to avoid this command ....

    Thanks Hans, I will watch it further, but it seems that this question is solved.

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