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Hi, can anyone point me to a video that shows smflangebend being used (extract from help below) I have seen this in a tutorial somewhere whilst looking before buying the software, i have searched several times now and not able to find it again, please help as this is something i need, i am very new to Bricscad but have been using the other one for some time. The steps below don't seem to work for me, i'm hoping a video will clarify it for me.


Prompts you in the command bar:

Select a flange face: (Select a major face of flange.)

Select line or edge to bend the solid or draw a [New line] : (Select a line or an edge.)

Pick a point on the side that will be moved: (Pick a point on the side of the line that will be moved.)

Position the flange [Angle/Radius/Switch side/ACcept] : (Choose an option or press Enter.)

Command Options



New line

Allows to draw a line to define the bend location; prompts you:

Start point of the line - Pick a point.

End point of the line - Pick a point.


Allows to set the bend angle; prompts you:

Enter bend angle [Back] :

Do one of the following:

Type a value.

Press Enter to go back without changing the bend angle.


The default bend radius is defined by the Modeling/Bend Radius property of the sheet metal part.

Allows to define the bend radius; prompts you:

Enter bend radius [Back] :

Do one of the following:

Type a value.

Press Enter to go back without changing the bend radius.

Switch side

Allows to move the part of the flange on the other side of the line or edge.


Creates the bend at the current angle and radius.


  • Perhaps the video tutorials here? (bottom of the linked page)

  • edited October 1

    Take a look at this video
    It is not really public yet but will be published soon.

  • Neat! I didn't even know flanges, once bent, could be modified. I've been re-drawing the entire part from scratch!

  • I've been experimenting with the command, and having a great deal of difficulty. I select a flange to modify (change angle of the flange). It asks me to pick a line for the bend, or create a new line. But It doesn't allow me to pick a line on the part. If I create a new line, by selecting points on the flange, it only allows me to add a new bend, or rotate the flange in one direction. It does not allow me to modify the original flange angle. What am I doing wrong?

  • smflangerotate does the trick very easily. Not seeing the value of smflangebend

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