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Losing reference to drawing after extruding it

Hi, I have a Problem regarding extrusion.

After I extrude a drawing I lose all track to the drawing itself (I cannot find any reference to it, in contrast to AutoCAD).
Is there a possibility to change the drawing after the extrusion to change the extruded part?


  • edited October 2018
    1. To preserve the source entities change the DELOBJ setting.
    2. It is not possible to create an associative link between source entities and extruded solids.
  • Hi Roy, I am very thankful for your answer.

    Unfortunately that will be a limitation that will prevent me from switching to BricsCAD.

  • It would be quite interesting to learn what it is that becomes impossible to achieve without this associative link:
    in many cases BricsCAD direct modeling can apply desired modifications directly, without the need to go back and modify the source entities the solid has been created from.

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