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Projecting plan to sloping plane

edited October 2018 in 3D Modeling

This is where I struggle with Brics 3D - there must be an easy way.

Attached, the roof battening plan (Block) is in horizontal plane. Below it, roof plane sloping at 10o pitch.

How to project the 2D plan view of the purple battens 63mm wide x 38mm high, so they're created in 3D lying on the sloping roof surface?

I can easily achieve it a kludgy way,
but this is to see if in general there's ways, when creating an entity with UCS set to say a 10o slope, to align it with a guide-line that's part of a horizontal 2D plan that's vertically above it, i.e. not perp to the 10o slope, not Polar to the 10o sloped UCS.
Or to say move, extrude or push-pull the entity till it aligns with a face, edge or guide-line that's not perp to the 10o slope, not Polar to the 10o sloped UCS.

Like in 2D I can EXtend a line-entity to another guide-line - it's to do similar in 3D bearing in mind the different planes and perps involved.



    first select the object, then the object to project onto,
    then specify the direction, (view, UCS or point)

  • Good one - didn't know about that. Except doesn't work when the lines are part of a Block (like my battening plan) while it's Refedit-opened.

    Tho "project the 2D ... lying on the sloping roof surface" is what I first asked for, in later para I didn't really mean create actual linework on the sloping face,
    but to establish start and/or end points in creating or modifying a 3D entity on say the 10o slope, by reference to tracking lines fired from the horizontal 2D plan.

    That could mean something like being able to get snap track lines, temporary tracking points etc to work using two different UCSs in one command/session.

    It can help to first create section planes or extrude temporary Surfaces from the horizontal 2D plan, providing snappability on the 10o sloped face and/or Limits for PushPull and Extrude. But that's a multi-step kludge. I'd like to be do it more elegantly something like the preceding para.

    Any other ideas?

  • the easiest way is to fake it.
    insert your sectionblock on the slope ucs and use the x-factor for the scale so it will match the x-scale to the horizontal.

  • edited October 2018

    Another good one - is separate x- and y-factor new in Brics? I valued it greatly in Microstation but found it non existent in Acad/Brics.
    [Edit] hey, there's no separate x- and y-factor in Brics.

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  • I see - thanks

  • I said PROJECTGEOMETRY "doesn't work when the lines are part of a Block (like my battening plan) while it's Refedit-opened"
    Not true - it works fine - thanks.

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