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Bricscad 17 in Windows 10

Anyone had any success running V17 in Windows 10??


  • Yes. No problems here.

  • I'm getting a command prompt problem in Win10 with V17 Yours is running smooth??

  • I see occasional (less than once a week on average) weirdness at the command prompt. Most of the time it is when I realize I clicked on the wrong toolbar button and immediately press ESC to abort. I have 16 toolbars showing, all developed in-house, and most of the buttons call lisp functions. This issue causes the ':' to go away and any subsequent text I enter gets garbled. I'm usually on deadline when this happens so I haven't tried to figure out how to reproduce it. This still happens in V18 (and later). I've also had cases where lisp code was turning on nomutt but failing under some circumstances to turn it back off. My biggest frustration with Bricscad is when my timing gets a bit off and I get Bricscad into an endless loop. This is another of those things that I can't duplicate at will but that happens every few weeks. For me this points to timing issues in their keyboard input routine, but that's just a guess. I suspect that they use fixed timing loops for some things and that some of the loops may be a bit too tight. I know that Bricscad does not respond to keyboard or mouse input in these situations, which implies that they don't check for ESC during loops.

    You don't describe the exact problem you're seeing so it is hard to do more than generalize. For me Bricscad works far more reliably than Autocad ever did.

  • My command prompt doesn't clear text when the command completes, nor can it backspace. It also doesn't seem to recognize the first letter of a command until after the rest of the command has been entered. I get things like "inel" instead of "line", and every entered command just lines up after the last one. For someone geared to 2 and 3 letter shortcuts for nearly everything, this is at best a royal pain in the nether regions.

  • This is very similar to what I see occasionally. If you do most of your commands via keyboard it would explain why you see it frequently when I see it occasionally. You might try trying to slow down your keystrokes to see if that helps. Most of the people I've seen do the 2 and 3 letter shortcuts are lightning fast and entry speed seems to be a factor when I see this. Please file a support request. The programmers will need to be able to reproduce the problem, so letting them know about anything that makes a difference on whether this happens or not will help them. The programming team usually responds within a couple of days and they take reports seriously.

  • Fast is the reason for keyboard entry. I log a request, thanks

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