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V19 release date?

Hello everyone,
I'm wondering if anyone has the 411 on a release date for v19 for Windows as I've not had any luck finding something difinitive on line. I also posed the question via email when requesting a quote for V18 from the only Canadian dealer I've found so far but the question went unanswered. Wonder whether I should hold off and start with V19 if it's coming out in the coming weeks. Thanks again everyone.


  • i have had a call few days ago from a dealer telling me that there is an upcomming release with so many improvements, but he did not say v19, but may be thats what he means but cannot disclose

  • It should be very soon. The beta for V19 has been out for almost a month. Both V17 and V18 were released about November 7, although I think their policy is to release when the program is ready, not on a set day.

  • Hello Archibullo & H Martin Shoemaker, thanks for your replies. Yes I suspected perhaps they might not be in the position of spilling the beans on a release date. Thinking maybe that's why the dealer I spoke with didn't mention it when I asked. Do any of you know which dealer has more competitive prices or know of a dealer in Canada? Thanks again for your replies guys!
  • The official release date I have been told is 12 November. If you buy V18 before that date, you get the V19 license key at the price of V18. All license keys issued now are for V19, and it is expected a price increase when V19 is formally launched.

  • Ok, good to know Per Gogstad. From what you've seen in the past, are these price increases from one version to the next quite large? Would you expect it to be like $50 or $500? I'm sure it's hard to know especially now that Hexagon has a say. As Jim Canale said in another thread, these mergers always have to be paid for. Thanks again for your input Per Gogstad.
  • I'm not sure if 'merger' is the right word. Acquisition by a company that does not publicly disclose the pricing of its products sounds like rather sad news to me, but let's wait and see...

  • Yes, at the conference we were told 12 Nov - but I guess that cd slip.

  • @Tom Foster said:
    Yes, at the conference we were told 12 Nov.

    That turned out to be correct!
    And as speculated, a (significant) upgrade price increase has been introduced.
    Due in part to mandatory "All-In Maintenance".

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