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Convert TTF text to geometry

I am having a couple of issues with outputting .pdf files.

If anybody has Adobe Illustrator would they mind trying to open a .pdf created by Bricscad pdf export, as my text (including dimensions) that is 10mm or higher in height doesn't show up.

To circumvent this I have ticked the box in Settings to "Convert TTF text to geometry".

This works OK as a single Modelspace or Paperspace file, but when I publish (even a single page .pdf) it doesn't convert it to geometry.

I am using V17 but will be upgrading to V19, so whatever version anyone is running would they mind trying this before I file a support request?

Thanks in advance.


  • Is nobody willing to try this for me?

    "To circumvent this I have ticked the box in Settings to "Convert TTF text to geometry".

    This works OK as a single Modelspace or Paperspace file, but when I use Publish (even a single page .pdf) it doesn't convert text to geometry"

  • I don't have Illustrator, but I also don't understand what you want someone to do with it. Are you saying that when 10 mm text in a DWG file is exported to PDF it appears when the PDF file is opened in Acrobat but not when it's opened in Illustrator? And what it "a single Modelspace or Paperspace file"?

    If you're saying that the exported 10 mm text doesn't appear in Acrobat, that's something I've never seen. I can successfully print text much larger than that. Can you post a DWG file with 10 mm text so that someone else can test the export problem?

  • Hi Anthony thanks for the reply.

    What I am saying is if you view a Bricscad .pdf in a pdf viewer it will show any size text exactly as it should be including any text in the dimensions.
    But when I open the .pdf in Illustrator, it complains that a font is missing and any text or dimension that is 10mm or over in height just doesn't appear.

    That is part one.

    The second part is what I would like someone else to try is to check the text box in Settings for "Convert TTF text to geometry"

    This should then give you a .pdf with all the text and dimension text exploded.

    It works fine if you export to pdf from modelspace or export to pdf from paperspace.

    But if you try to use Publish, even if you have one layout or a dozen layouts in your published .pdf it ignores the "Convert TTF text to geometry"

    I'm not too worried about part one as that could be and Adobe problem, but part two is connected with Bricscad, so I need to undersatnd what is happening.

    Apologies if my original explanation was unclear.

  • edited November 8

    In my v17 Classic, the Export command doesn't have a PDF option in the "Save as type" box.

    I tried the Publish and Print commands, but couldn't get text to become graphics in the PDF file with either one, despite having checked "Convert TTF text to geometry" in Bricscad Settings and setting "TrueType Text" to "As Graphics" in the Adobe PDF plotter configuration editor.

    But when I unchecked "Enable embedded TTF fonts" in Bricscad Settings, then the text became graphics in the PDF file with both of those commands.

  • Have you tried a third party pdf program (like BioPdf or Bullzip pdf writer), and printing to pdf?
    I find Inkscape a handy program for misc. illustration, pdf, font, and svg tasks -free and available on Windows and Linux.

  • @mlwebb,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The pdf creators you mentioned are only virtual printers and therefore any arcs/circles would be made from many segments of straight lines.
    The built in pdf export in Bricscad is a better quality than these.

    Albeit with this little publishing issue.

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