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Installing Shape in Fedora ?

I really like the concept of now having the availability of a true linux supported 3D Drawing program.
Thankyou Bricsys.

Is there a Fedora installer in the pipeline?
Or, is there a way of installing in fedora that im not aware of?

As far as i can tell there is only a deb installer for debian / ubuntu.

Would really love to get the chance and try this in fedora.

Thanks so much for Shape.

Regards OzzY


  • I noticed that too.
    No, I think currently there isn't.

    I wanted to try on openSUSE.
    (RPM ?)

    Basic Linux Question :
    And what kind of installer would I need for an ARCH based Distribution
    like my Manjaro ?
    Would I need the "Custom Installation" of Bricscad ?

  • edited November 2018

    Hello OzzY

    First of all thanks for the feedback. At the moment we indeed only offer an Ubuntu installer. The reason is one of our libraries has a dependency on libwebkit, but it depends on a libwebkit version which has been deprecated from Fedora 27 onwards. Of course we're working on updating this so we can offer an rpm installer as well, but a the moment I can't give you an ETA on that one.

    Michael: for arch Linux the custom installer is currently the way to go. We are looking into pacman installer or the more general app distribution formats like snap, flatpak, etc.

    kind regards

  • Thanks janj.
    Very good news.

  • Thanks Jan for your reply.
    Its good to know that there is an rpm planned for a later date.
    Appreciate that.


  • Hi,
    Is there any news regarding version for Fedora?

    Thanks in advance,

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