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Will V19 be available on Linux at the same time as Windows?

I've seen some posts on this forum stating that V19 is due to be released on the 12th of November:

I'd like to know if this release date is just for Windows users, or does it also include Linux users?

I want to buy a Platinum license, without "All-in-maintenance", but I'm worried if I buy it right now I'll have to pay a lot more to upgrade to V19, which may be released in two days.

I know the comment I linked to above states that all licenses issued now are for V19, but I think that only applies for "All-in-maintenance" licenses, though I could be wrong.


  • I understand it in a way that if you buy v18 now, so short before
    the release of v19, you will get v19 too.
    That is a usual behavior and I think that was mentioned in their Blog
    or Videos.

    Second, if you buy v18 now, but v19 Linux will be released 3 Month later
    only, that should work too - but better fill a Support Request.

    And similar, when you buy v18 and decide to also take the Maintenance
    now, it was mentioned that you will get the following Version
    in any case too.

    I had similar questions when I bought v18 around release date to test
    the Windows Versions but knew my macOS Version will need another
    2-3 month for release.

    If you watch the release dates, you can see that both Mac and Linux
    Versions always have been a few month behind until now.

  • Hi,

    The license keys are for all platforms and what you get now, until the launch of V19 tomorrow, is the V19 activation key for Windows, Mac and Linux for the price of V18. Usually, the Windows version is launched first with Mac and Linux to follow. New for V19 is also that the license keys are valid for all available langues.

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