Simple project MEP on Bricscad V19

Hi, does anyone have a simple project on MEP building with bricscad V19? (without add in like as autofluid,ax 3000)



  • Definitely feeling unloved by Bricscad re HVAC modelling. I can only find one basic example of ductwork/bimdrag on site and u-tube. Only through trial and error have i been able to find that radius bends/transitions are inherent within HVAC modile but nowhere I can find tells you that. Radius by default is R1.5 which you can change within properties down to R0.5 or use absolute values with radius and straights for flanges as I produce GA's in parallel with workshop drawings. For Mitre bends i have used L connect but cant achieve 100mm inside radius but have add turning vanes manually.
    By changes profiles you can produce really good transitions that once again can be given absolute values rather than a ration of duct width and they view well back in Revit when exported which was a major problem previously. HVAC library has only imperial duct sizes so have created my own metric profiles as i go which is quite easy to do through profiles dialogue box. Alternatively you can create new profile within drawing but i find that this doesn't give you a continuous duct run point to point.
    Rectangular to circular/offset flex connectors are great[cream spiral in pdf]
    I'm trying to convince my clients that V19 is a game changer versus Revit but very limited help at all on website/tutorials.
    Some .rfa files come in great but I need more help with MEP connectors to new blocks

  • In the Settings dialog onder BIM/MEP sit a number of user preferences that control the default behavior of HVAC ducts.

  • I think MEP Modeling is a very interesting feature.
    So I welcome any future improvements and extensions of the tools.
    Even just for ornamenting commercial buildings for visualization.

    I did some quick test recently and it took a while to finally find MEP,
    under Linear Solids.
    Where I didn't find any control was, when drawing a continuous series
    of linear solids, why some (many) parts lost their connection.
    And I did not get the correct workflow for modifications like moving,
    which parts will be part of the modifications and which should stay,
    to control where new connecting parts will be created in between.
    In short, I was not able to do what I saw in the short MEP presentation
    And that changing "profiles" will create new connections
    (No more sure if automatically or had to be done manually by reconnecting)
    But the old connection elements will stay and had to be deleted manually.

    So a bunch of quick videos explaining how it works and is meant to be used
    would be great.

  • Louis
    I noticed that when I had previously gone into BIM/FLOW FITTING PARAMETERS over the last month or so that a drop down menu appeared giving radius/tangent straights/absolute values but until I put FLOW FITTINGS into search box the drop down menu option didn't appear. All good now.
    I previous example I started using R1.5 default and reducer/transition length ratio at 1, then changed manually if required for a particular tight spot along with transition ration. I some cases you have to over draw bend/transition so programme will radius bend/transition, then go back and edit to suit, otherwise all good.
    Yes hopefully a couple of tutorials on MEP connectors and unequal bends etc will really help. The fact that IFC export back to Revit for builder/consultant is a big plus as lofts and some fittings which i had previously drawn as blocks did not appear correctly.

  • Thank you for your answer guys,

    I aggree about has limited for connector MEP.

  • The discussion held above really helped with getting on briscad V19

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