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Special Limited-time V19 Upgrade Offer

To our BricsCAD customers:

With the release of BricsCAD V19, we instituted a new policy. We decided that All-In Maintenance should be required for product upgrades. This way, every BricsCAD user will always have the newest and best tools from Bricsys.

Today, we are confronted with some disappointment from some of our most loyal customers. We heard your pain. We are creating a special promotion that will greatly reduce your cost to switch to BricsCAD V19 with All-In Maintenance. It will be live soon on the Bricsys eStore and via our global resellers.

We are convinced that All-In Maintenance is the future of the Bricsys community and the new promotions are still based on that principle. Please compare our offering - by quality, price and flexibility - with our direct competitors. Remember, you’ll be on All-In Maintenance for one year, so you’ll get V19 today, Priority Support access for a year and the next major release of BricsCAD in 2019.

If we don’t deliver the value you expect, you can opt-out of the All-In Maintenance program next year, and your perpetual (permanent) license will continue to run. We hope that this new, special offer will better reflect the value proposition that you expect from us.

Thanks from your friends at Bricsys.


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