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Properties dialogue window display error when docked.

Hi Ya'll,

I found a small bug when I have the properties dialogue docked, it displays incorrectly but when closed and re-docked it displays as normal. Could there be a setting to change to fix this bug? (Linux BIM Version 18.2.25)


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  • Hi Yass (we are colleagues at Open Studio)

    From my experience a support request is the thing to post if you want a bug resolved, but if you want to to know how other people use the properties bar I guess the forum is the right place ;)

    So I guess you are trying to use a wider properties bar compared to what I use and I have not experienced any issues; So this is probably a bug, but could also be BricsCAD trying to tell you not to clutter the screen. So for now, post a support request and then set the properties bar display a bit more narrow, enjoy the increased screen real-estate and a well functioning properties bar.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Mikael, maybe it's fun for anyone who reads this to know we actually sit next to each other in our Studio ;) but appreciate sharing with the wider community mate. Cheers, Y

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    The (new v19?) Panels flyout system changes everything - panels can be as wide as you like and collapse at a click - excellent - is set in Customize>Workspaces>click on Workspace name>select Stack type in Properties pane below.

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    when I used the right standard panel for the first time,
    I deactivated UI Lock and tried to pull it out wider to be able
    to read my Layer names. And I could do ...
    This made the 3D View Gizmo stay at its place and be hidden
    and inaccessible under the Panel !

    Does that mean that that Panel is said to be locked and I should
    not have been able to manipulate its size ?

    Meanwhile I destroyed the initial clean appearance by activating
    some other list Panels like Render Materials and such,
    Which all appear in Tabs, in those new standard Panels left and right.
    So now the 3D View Gizmo reacts again as it should, too.

    But in general.
    I like the clean look. But as in Shape, I can not work at all without things like
    having all time access to both at the same time : Layer and Properties Panel.
    Or things like Zoom Extend, a button for Settings and Drawing Explorer,
    Snap Panel and all such little things,
    where access by Quad is much to slow and tedious.

    How does that work for you ?
    Do you also customize yourPanels and destroy all cleanness or do you
    prefer Commandline input ?

  • Ummm ... you mention 'appear in tabs' - aware there's now another option?
    not cluttererd illegible top tabs but a narrow icon panel, which when clicked first flies-out the chosen panel, next click collapses it - or click another icon to switch panel. Oh, I forgot to attach pics of same. No difficulty dragging these panels to widen. this can be done at one or both edges (or indeed top/bottom) so two can display at once, at L and R.

    I have a Feature Request in, whereby toolbars could be set S L XL individually. So the Shape-like big-icon toolbar, as per BIM Workspace, space-saving by much use of flyouts, could sit across the top and smaller-icon things like Snaps toolbars (non flyout) cd go vertically at the sides.

    I customise toolbars but not panels so far, use commandline for familiar proxies - but whatever, aim for cleanness, if not as 'out of the box'. I just discovered that Commandline can be replaced with a R-click-type floating menu, to free up vertical space - but now can't find it!

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  • Yes, my preferred method would also be to work as it comes out of the box
    without customizing anything.
    That is why I did not look at at new customization settings at all so far and just
    tried if I could work that way.

    That does work more or less for me in only a few Apps standard U,
    but so far Bricscad is still far away. Will have to look into customization
    options ....

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