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  • @Michael Mayer said:
    I don't get it - the other files work too now.

    So far it still works.

    And the other thing I noticed was that I used an old pre RTX GPU driver.
    No idea how that found its way into my download folder.
    But that caused other problems too.

  • The major issue I still have is with all the point cloud files I got for all the jobs I worked with and some still on going there should be a conversion tool from rcp to bpc that would maintain its position scale and location, and Navisworks is another issue, as we need a replacement so the client can view the progress.

  • We finally did the move to Bricscad 19.2 that is compatible with Cadworx, we have a large point cloud that we need to bring it in Cadworx and to do that we have to convert it through .ptx into .bpc, I am getting so far over 118,000 files and counting. The weird part is why Bricscad does this to start with. I see plugins that works with bricscad and takes other point cloud file format naturally inside Bricscad. This is so annoying and can't seem to see an end to it. The original point cloud it 10 GP and the new one is 46+GB and not done yet. If you can preprocess .ptx then why can't you use it.

  • Dear Bashar
    Please file a support request and add the files you are working with. Our analysts will be glad to try to help you out.

  • I ended up leaving it to work over night and looked at it in the morning, it did combine the tens of thousands of files into one file and it was 57GB, so at least it is a one file at the end, but it is so huge, the .ptx was 30GB not 10GB, the .rcp file was 10GB, but the .pbt is 57GB, it will be much better if I can take .ptx format into Bricscad.

  • it seems that Bricscad handles point cloud so efficient, I have close to 60 GB of data inside Bricscad with no hiccups, 10x better than autocad. I wish we can manipulate the point cloud in a similar way to autodesk, a program like recap would help a lot, this way we can cut the pointcloud into areas, at this moment we can not do it. I can think of some ways but prefer a pointcloud utility by bricscad.

  • An Open Source Software that might be useful for people
    working with Point Clouds :

    To compare Point Clouds and creating Meshes from.
    Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    Reads a lot of formats, not sure if it can also export/convert
    between formats.

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