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V19 - Help Required To Open An Existing Drawing File

I have just installed V19 -
Every time I open an existing drawing - I get the message "....... This file is already in use by : Unknown user - Do you want to open it as a read only ?"

I do this - and then do a "save as" with a small adjustment to the file name - so that I can work on the drawing and then save it.
When I close down my Bricscad session and re open - I get exactly the same message "this file is in use by...." on the drawing I have just "saved as" ????
I thought that it might be that my license is still "tied" to version V18 - which is sitting on my computer - but the above scenario says that is not the case - I also have several other older versions of Bricscad sitting on my computer - they work and I have never transferred a license from them.

Maybe it is a very simple thing to fix - Anyone got any ideas before I go directly to the Bricscad technical people ??
Thanks in advance
John C


  • There could be several reasons for why this is happening, one thing I have noticed in the past is windows explorer preview locking file access if the file is selected and the preview is showing. Disabling preview in Windows Explorer may solve the issue. This assuming you are on Windows.Windows Indexing or other software that does index files or othewise accesses files (e.g. backup software with automatic monitoring and frequent automatic backups) could sometimes lock file access too, especially if you close the file and then reopen it shortly thereafter this could happen. It didn't affect every program though, some software is more easily affected by these things than other software.

    Another thing I have noticed with V19 is that it cannot open existing drawings but V18 has no issues. It seems having page setups applied to layouts may be a factor because the problem goes away after removing the page setup from the layouts (no need to actually delete the page setup), but I need to further test this and it isn't happening to all drawings but mostly to older drawings from several years ago, if it happens.

    If the above doesn't apply I'd simply file a support request.

  • "Another thing I have noticed with V19 is that it cannot open existing drawings but V18 has no issues."

    Did you install the (fixed + updated) V19.1.06-2 installer ? The initial V19.1.06-1 installer had a defect related to AEC Civil objects ...

  • Hi Torsten
    I did a standard download and install -

    Hi TSW - Yes Windows 10 - latest version - I have just upgraded - I wonder if it could be a Windows issue

    I will get in touch with Bricscad and ask this question - Thanks for your comments

    Best Regards

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