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VBA AcadLineType type missing

I'm doing some mistake or in Bricscad V19 VBA the AcadLineType type is missing?
Thanks in advance.



  • Dear gltoselli
    Last week (Mo.26.11.) we send a Support Request because this little mistake:
    SR 86163 AcadLineType - VBA Class - Missing in V19.
    Up to BricscadDb 18.0 Type Library defined two different AcadClasses AcadLineType and AcadLineTypes.
    (Some Classes available in Acad-Format.DVB and IAcad-Format.VBI, f.E. AcadSpline and IAcadSpline).
    With BricscadDb 19.0 Type Library was changed the AcadLineType to IAcadLineType. Now we have IAcadLineType and AcadLineTypes.
    AcadLineType are missing.
    How can direct this message on the rightly adress (developer) ?
    Best Greetings


  • Dear Peter,
    thank you for your response. I hope someone in Bricsys is going to solve the problem. I'll use IAcadLineType, but obviously the compatibility with Autocad is lost. I'm testing Bricscad in order to substitute our Autocad's licenses, but we have a lot of VBA Macros and we need a full compatibility.

    Gian Luca

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