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Standard parts in V19Pro

Standard Parts is not part of BricsCAD V19 anymore? In V18Pro I could just right-click on a toolbar and activate the palette. In V19 I cannot find it. Is there a way to bring it up or is it taken out from V19Pro?

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  • Jozsef, try to search Standard Parts in the Components panes.

  • Components in V19 Pro

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  • I see BIM components. This is because you use BIM profile I guess. When creating a new document try to start from the Mechanical profile instead.
    Another way is to set COMPONENTSPATH to ..\AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V19x64\en_US\Support\DesignLibrary\Components

  • Hi Ilya - I run BricsCAD V19 as Pro and when starting a new 3D modelling drawing, I get the components. If I start a new mechanical drawing, I get the mechanical components. The BIM profile is not used at all, and I guess should not be available at all when I run V19 as Pro?

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  • Ilya, Per,
    Thanks for the info.
    Anytime I start my BricsCAD Pro I get the BIM components but not the mechanical. I am looking for the nuts, bolts and steel shape library and I cannot find it.

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  • Related. Adding here since it may be helpful to others making this journey.

    Running V19 Platinum. Added ...\AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V19x64\en_US\Support\DesignLibrary\Standard Parts to COMPONENTSPATH.

    I now do get standard parts in the component browser, in addition to such useful entities as "Zaha Hadid" and I can insert "Zaha Hadid" into a new drawing. Good!

    However, when I attempt to insert a fastener (in this case, a DIN 7985-A screw) I receive the error message

    ": ._-BIMINSERT

    Unable to recognize command "-BIMINSERT". This error can occur when the command is not supported for the active license."

    True! I'm opting out of BIM. This isn't hopeful. But maybe there's something else I can try...

    Second attempt. Changed the new path to ...\AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V19x64\en_US\Support\DesignLibrary

    Now I can insert the screw. Huzzah! However, the dialog to select the size/type and length is awful. Parameters must be typed on the command line rather than picked from a list of legal sizes. It's case sensitive and picky about spacing. _Only _"M3 X 0.5" is accepted, for example. Not "m3 x 0.5" or "M3X0.5" or "M3 x 0.5" any other permutation. But at least it's possible to select a size.

    Length. Oh, length, length, length. The default M3 X 0.5 length is "4.0000 mm" so try entering "6.0000 mm" Nope, Command failed. Okay, try "6 mm" ... "6.0000mm" ... "6mm" ... No, all Command failed. Aha! Enter a question mark, get a list of permitted sizes. Brilliant! The size I want is shown as "6" so I must be able to enter just "6"!

    I think that the Standard Parts interface needs a bit of work.

  • @Richard Webb said:
    I think that the Standard Parts interface needs a bit of work.

    In the V14 Platinum, the English screws sizes are listed as decimal inches. Even sizes that should be given by its number. I.e. a #6 screw, rather than what ever decimal inches that equals. I don't know if they fixes that in more current versions, but in general, was this sort of thing that tended to discourage me from upgrading.


  • In fact, it should be possible to change sizes/types and length during insertion using the Properties panel. It will have a special section called "Inserted component properties" with "PartNumber", "Size" and "Length" fields. Those fields have drop-down lists with all available sizes and lengths. If it doesn't work, it's also possible to insert the part with the default size and then change size/type and length from the mechanical browser, properties panel or -BMPARAMETERS command.
    I apologize for inconvenience with the length and size parameters in BMINSERT command. We will try to improve that in next version.
    Best regards,
    Maxim Shilovsky,
    Bricsys software developer.

  • Hello everyone,
    Stupid question time. I admit I am confused but maybe my memory fails me. I am an ex architectural desktop owner looking to get back into a cad product and perhaps have been spoiled in the past. I thought that BC Pro was supposed to be comparable in the sense that were aec components (windows/doors) as well as beams, bolts etc available. I am running the evaluation in "Pro" and finding it not to be the case. I've read the above and don't see how to access these libraries without being in Platinum mode. I may not be following what has been discussed above. Are some of you evaluating the 30 day trial and are thinking you are doing so at the Pro level but are Infact in Platinum by mistake. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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