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v19 HELP menu

Prior versions’ HELP menu invoked the familiar and helpful options:
Contents (incl. Licensing, User Guide, Command Reference, System Variables.

v19’s HELP simply directs to Bricsys website?


  • edited December 2018

    Dig in and you'll see it's a new-style rethink of a Help system. Not complete but that's for us to press for.

    I've been using it and it's much more explanatory, with videos etc, aiming to explain from scratch, instead of the typical technically correct but pedantic and often circular descriptions, which though 'true', only really make sense when you already understand it!

    Many people hope its advantages will be brought into an offline version, not necessarily traditional chm, which can in theory be printed out and read like a book.

  • It shouldn't be either/or. When I had a problem that tech support provided the information for, there was no way to find it on the web site. In the previous help system, it would have been available in the offline help file. What about the command reference? I do not consider this unnecessary. Search for it on the web site and you get pages of individual listings instead of the alphabetical dropdown where you can find the details of using the command. Maybe I am just old, but I LIKE reading details about how things work rather than watching some video. I have no problem with adding more options to help people but the key word is adding. Not replacing. So now I will be keeping V18 to use for looking up commands. Of course, all the new additions in v19 will be missing.

  • Actually Command Reference is about the only thing that's there in near traditional form - scroll down the first page that clicking Help in the program, brings you to.

    The v18 chm Help file is at C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V18 en_US\Help\en_US\Bricscad.chm . You can put it on your desktop and open it independently, while using v19.

  • I really miss paper manuals.

    For electronic help my preference is local. Online help is useless if the internet is down. An internet connection is not as fast as a local app. "Time is money" applies. "Eye candy" is unnecessary in an office environment. One of the lighting reps I work with talks about a '3 click' rule -- if a web site takes more than three clicks to find what someone is looking for they will change to a different vendor's site. Fancy interfaces might be good for new users, but they tend to be time wasters for experienced users.

    At this point I use on the desktop for Bricscad help and I use Autocad 2010 .chm files for functions and commands that are not in the Bricscad html page.

  • Normally there are 2 help files in Apps.
    The prefererred more recent online help with priority and
    a local help file as an automatic fallback when no internet
    connection available and updated with service packs.

    I like Bricscad's new online help system.

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