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How to create a sketch from the intersect of 2 3D solid?

As topic, any suggestion?

For instance, how to make a drawing from the form of the sphere that intersect the cube on the select face?

sketch from intersect.png
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  • For 3D solids with flat faces in an orthogonal model the _Boundary command can be used (align the UCS with the correct face first). In other cases you will have to use _Subtract and then __GenerateBoundary.

  • I see. Thanks!

    But I have to subtract the cube with the sphere first. Is there a non-destructive way to do that?

  • edited December 2018

    Alternative would be to use the _Interfere command:

    1. Make sure boundary detection is on.
    2. Start the _Interfere command, for the first set select the box, and for the second set the sphere.
    3. Hover over the correct face, boundary detection should find the desired outline and choose _GenerateBoundary in the Quad. But you can also first start the command.
    4. Erase the solid created in step #2.
  • I got it. Many Thanks!

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