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Best way to get drawings into MS Word


My work colleagues sometimes want to put parts of my drawings into Word documents for tender etc. Currently they just screenshot part of a pdf and insert it.
I was wondering if there was a better way?
I use open office and can convert pdf to svg and insert directly into open office documents. But I don't think that works in MS Word, or Powerpoint.

Any suggestions / comments on the best approach?


  • If you have a PDF editor (not just a viewer) then you can export the PDFs or a part of it as a PNG file with a resolution of 150 DPI minimum and insert that into Word (by using insert image/picture and **not ** copy/paste).

    Another option is to export as WMF/EMF, as that used to be the traditional way in the past but it may not always look as smooth as a PNG export mentioned above depending on DWG and WMF/EMF settings.

  • I just use the windows Snipping Tool, draw a rectangle over the part of the drawing you want to use in your document and either save it as a jpg or png or just copy it and paste it into word.

    Snipping tool example.PNG
    1227 x 240 - 9K
    Snipping tool in word.docx
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