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Is it just me or have any other people found V19 crashing for no particular reason?
I hardly ever had a problem in V18 but now with the new version it seems to happen a lot. I wont bother with support requests as it seems to crash for different things.
This is just a general question for the V19 users.


    edited December 2018

    Yes I experience random crashing as well, mostly when I am in 3D Mechanical using components or the selection modes to automatically recognize boundaries for extrusion or placing components on a surface plane. Once in a while it will suddenly crash. My guess is that it runs into problems determining the proper boundary or surface plane. The issue of sudden crashes happend for me in V18 as well as described above. I just haven't got time to sit down and document things properly, also because it is not predictable when it crashes.

    Are your crashes occurring in 2D, 3D or both?

  • It only happens in 3d.
    I assume there is a lot more number crunching happening in the 3d environment.

    edited December 2018

    Yes, that is my suspicion as well, that it is a processing issue in the 3D environment, though it is way more likely to happen when the boundary selection detection is on in the selection modes toolbar or when using the mechanical workspace placing components or parts in an assembly/component with the DUCS (disabling DUCS does help to some extent but it doesn't prevent all crashes).

  • I do 3D only,
    (still testing only, no real work),
    and I am pretty pleased with v19 on Windows, for such an early release.
    I had only 1 crash at the first day.

    Coming from the Mac version,
    beside the latest v18 being reasonably stable, I was used to have 3-5 crashes
    per day, out of nothing. For completely different tasks, no matter if something
    easy or more complex.

  • I can confirm V19 crashes.
    I work a lot with Autocad (2019) files 2D/3D and my impression is also that V19 is crashing with files, in V18 never was an issue.
    I also have some opening time problems with V19, some files take forever to open.

  • i spent some time trying out 3d constraints and found that bricscad crashed on numerous occasions. Maybe there is a connection between constraints and bricscad not handling the computing required.

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