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2D Stretch, grip-edit - switching which is to be the reference end?

In, Hans De Backer said:
"since V19, pressing Shift+Tab during PushPull will select the furthest face in your solid that is parallel to the face being pushpulled, to become the reference face to measure the distance from.
In solids with a simple geometry, like a box, this is 'the face at the opposite side'.
Also new in V19, to select any other (parallel) face in the model to become the reference face during pushpull, hover the face with the cursor and press Tab."

Great. I went looking for something similar with 2D Stretch - to say re-size a rectangle to a specific new length, rather than stretching it by a typed distance. Undocumented AFAICS.
Conversely, when grip-editing say a line by a typed distance, to have it stretch by that distance rather than it re-sizing to that as new length.

Can't find a key combination which switches the reference end like that. Is there?


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    Depending on your Dynamic Input settings (DYNDIGRIP and DYNDIVIS) hitting the Tab key should work when grip-editing lines and vertices. I don't know of a similar solution for the stretching of rectangles, but _from or _tk can definitely be used.

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    Hi Tom,

    how about this:
    keep the Ctrl key pressed to select sub-entities, e.g. 2 opposed edges of a rectangle (=polyline).
    By default, the nearest distance between these edges will be displayed in a dynamic dimension: fill in the desired new length or width.
    The edge selected first remains in place, the second one gets moved.

    This approach also works for 2 'entire' entities, or for a mix of a sub-entity and an entire entity, e.g. a face and a block, or a line-contained-in-a-block and a 3dSolid, ...

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