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Get rid of specific snap points on a solid

I've modeled a piece of 1"x1"x3" square tubing.
Rectangle/extrude/solidedit/eliminate top & bottom surfaces/.0625 thickness.

Since the wall thickness is 1/16", the exterior and interior snaps are too close to each other for convenient use. I'd like to eliminate all the interior snap locations so that when I think I specified the outside corner as the source of a copy/move/etc, I really did, instead of grabbing the interior snap by mistake.

Is this possible?


  • I think there is some logic behind, from which side or over which
    Edge you come in with your cursor. (Like for DUCS)
    Or more which Face, to select, is more near to you in 3D Space,
    for selection, which could provide some control - once you are used to it.

    I think it would be worth to check if there is a special behavior with
    Snapping in your case too.

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