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.net - How to know if publishing is in progress?


I have some prompts that appear whenever the DocumentManager_DocumentCreate event is called. However when publishing from the sheet set manager, it appears that the event gets triggered even when 'Publish in background' is ticked. The problem is that when DocumentManager_DocumentCreate is called, I have no way of knowing if it was triggered from publish or from somewhere else. Is there a way to check if publishing is currently happening in order to skip the prompts when the event is called?

I have looked at the DocumentLockModeChanged and CommandEnded events to see if I could tell, but it appears these aren't triggered because when publishing from the sheet set it doesn't call an actual command.


  • I do not use the .Net API so this is a stab in the dark:
    AFAIK publishing in the background creates a new BricsCAD session with a different application object. And the visibility property of that object is probably set to false.

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