Alternative to Dynamo for Revit

I have a company testing BricsCAD BIM and they today use Dynamo with Revit. Are there any alternatives for replacing Dynamo if they move to BricsCAD?


  • If I got that right that is kind of a Grasshopper inside Revit (?)

    Like Archicad provided a direct Rhino 2 way Exchange to access
    grasshopper. Or Vectorworks built Marionette System,
    Generative Components in Microstation.
    Or the Node Editors in most 3D Apps like Modo, Blender, C4D, ... ?

    Is this mainly to build Revit Families in a more comfortable way but
    also to create things like freeform structures ?

    I haven't heard about something like that for Bricscad so far
    but maybe there already is something similar in Bricscad's 3rd party
    App Portfolio.
    It would be also interesting if there maybe also alternative workflows
    already possible with Bricscad's Toolset.

  • Per Gogstad
    edited December 2018

    Hi Michael,

    Dynamo BIM is an open source graphical program for design. It is developed for Revit and will only install of you have Revit on your computer. it doesn't work with any other applications, except Revit and Autodesk Vasari

    I hear about it all around where they use Revit.

    Any additional information and suggestions are appreciated.

  • @Per Gogstad
    BricsCAD supports several APIs. The Lisp API even has a set of BIM related functions and a nice built-in IDE. No doubt you know all that and have already discussed this with your clients. They are then stuck on the graphical aspect of Dynamo?

  • Lukas Fertig
    edited December 2018

    i'm often jumping between bricscad and rhino/grasshopper (and given rhinos slow upgrade cycle and the relatively low cost it's well worth getting involved). you have a builtin graphical programming interface that can be enhanced by c#/python/vb scripts where needed. rhino handles dwg import/export well. the main problem for me is, once you go through several iterations on a large project, you obviously have to take care keeping track of different export files and versions. i usually import my dwg reference as a linked block into rhino, build on top of that and export the result as a dwg file that i can then xref back into bricscad. this way updates get forwarded more or less automatically if you keep the file names constant.

    there seems to be something going on in the background concerning a link to rhino.inside (see links below). it would be interesting to hear any official comment on this?! now before christmas i didn't find the time to build the sample project and see how it works, let's see about that after the holidays. it's all relatively new though, if there is something growing, it's probably in its infancy.

  • ^ I think that is a great idea.

    (But Rhino doesn't run on Linux ?
    And I thought Rhino Plugins and things like Grasshopper will still
    not work on Mac ?)

  • Linux not, and rhino 6 for mac (which comes with grasshopper embedded) is still a work in progress...

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